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Updated 10/30/2020

I was born in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio where my father was the minister at Grace Brethren Church. That's where it began; me standing on a step stool between my parents, singing in church.

My mother taught me to play piano, but when I discovered a guitar stashed in the corner of my uncle's closet, I instantly wanted to go to “the dark side.”

My parents finally broke down and bought me a guitar for my 12th birthday. When I learned enough chords, I started writing my own songs. After high school, I took that guitar and my songs to local college coffee houses and concerts.

What followed was years of performing in clubs and lounges, locally as well as nationally; as a single, in duos, trios, rock bands and show groups.

In 1979, I met and studied voice and piano with a brilliant musician and vocal coach, Herb Buchanan Eidemiller (Dionne Warwick, Eydie Gorme, Teresa Brewer), who had moved back to Covington Ohio from New York City when his wife became ill.

In 1980, I recorded and an album of original music at Cybertecnics in Dayton Ohio, titled "Girls Don't Play Rock and Roll.” The song “Stoned Kitties” (which took the least amount of time to write) received the most airplay.

In 2000, I also recorded an album of 11 contemporary Christian songs “He Touched Me” at Encore Studios in Dayton .

My lastest project was recorded at Greene Glen Productions. Titled “Vagabond,” it is a collection of original songs as well as a few covers, and is available here.

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