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Work To Do / Cut The Cake
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Triangle Park - Dayton Ohio
Meadowdale HS - Dayton Ohio
Coliseum Fairgrounds - Dayton Ohio
Tipp City Schools - Tipp City Ohio
Englewood Reserve - Englewood Ohio
Bucyrus HS - Mansfield Ohio
Piqua HS - Piqua Ohio
Colonel White HS - Dayton Ohio
Union Depot Club - Dayton Ohio
Oakwood HS - Dayton Ohio
Icelandia Club - Dayton Ohio
Greenville Schools - Greenville Ohio
Tipp City Schools - Tipp City Ohio

Originally named "HotSpitt," the band's members included Tom Cramer (guitar), Ellis Unger (bass), Kathy Burch (keyboards), Kenny Bender (drums), and Breck Bombach (guitar). All band members contributed vocals.

As the band's members changed,"HotSpitt" became"Sky King" which later became "Zsa Zsa."

Other members included Mark Sorah (guitar and vocals) and Barry Hensley (guitar and vocals.)

The band traveled all over Ohio performing for High Schools and other venues, and attracted a huge following.

Primarily a rock and roll band, HotSpitt / Sky King / Zsa Zsa also wrote and performed original material.

You Got The Love
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